Website differences

What is the difference between a static website and a dynamic website besides price?  There is a huge difference and thus the reason a dynamic site costs more.

A static website is the same all the time and you usually need to call your web designer to make any changes unless you own a web design editing program like Dreamweaver.  These are usually the ones that clients supplement with a monthly maintenance program or pay the designer an hourly rate to make changes as needed.  This is great for small businesses that have very limited funds starting out and just need to get something up right away.  These sites start at $500 all inclusive and look great but cannot be self-maintained and the content does not change automatically (example the daily weather or news or blogs or form pages, etc.)

A dynamic website has just about any option a client could want and can be fully customized to the client’s needs.  These sites usually include calendars the client can update themselves, blogs, running news bits, RSS feeds with the local news, shopping carts, personalized backgrounds, sliding picture headers or rotating pictures on the main page, and much much more.  Just about anything you can imagine can be done with a dynamic website and the most important part is that YOU can edit and maintain the website yourself so you save tons of money in the long run.  These sites start at $1,500.00 for a basic WordPress site and go up from there depending on how personalized and how many dynamic items you want on the website.  While these have a higher up-front cost, they end up saving you money in the long term.

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